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Become a Partner and Build Innovative Solutions on XDC Network & Ecosystem Partners. Join our Partner Connect Program and gain access to programs, tools, and resources to build innovative blockchain solutions on XDC Network for your organization. Discover opportunities to contribute to XDC Network as a developer or ecosystem partner.

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Become part of the XDC Network community and collaborate with developers, artists, and accountants. Explore opportunities to contribute to the XDC Network Developers Ecosystem Partners program. Leverage your skills and professional background to help shape the future of XDC Network blockchain technology.

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Protocol Lab

Protocol Lab Ecosystem Partners are a group of companies and organizations that are working together to support the development and adoption of the XDC Network.
  • Network Consensus, Network upgrades, Network tools
  • Research, Development for Network Protocols
  • Security and Stress testing

Infrastructure Integration Level Developers

Infrastructure Integration Level Developers are companies and organizations that are working to integrate the XDC Network into their existing infrastructure and products.
  • Wallet Connectors, Exchange Connectors, Custodian Connectors
  • Security and Stress testing

Application Level Developers

Application Level Developers are companies and organizations that are building decentralized applications (dApps) on the XDC Network.
  • Smart contracts
  • Cross-chain bridge
  • Middleware
  • Security and Stress testing
  • Oracles and Price Feeds

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How can I get involved?

The XDC Community includes people of many different backgrounds and skillsets. Whether you're a developer, an artist, or an accountant, there are ways to get involved. Access XDC documents, ask in the XDC Forum, or join Telegram's Developers community for assistance.