About XDC Network

The XDC Network, founded in 2017, is a community-driven platform designed for trade finance and payments. It is powered by dedicated developers, early adopters, and passionate advocates. The open-source platform offers a smart contract ecosystem for seamless global trade operations.

With community-driven ethics, an optimized platform, and a commitment to global GDP growth, the XDC Network aims for a decentralized and inclusive blockchain future.

Empowering Global Trade
Empowering Global Trade

With its smart contract capabilities, the XDC Network empowers businesses and individuals to engage in secure and transparent transactions across international borders, promoting and facilitating global trade.

XDC Community Engagement
Community Engagement

Local communities play a pivotal role in the XDC Network's success. They actively raise awareness and drive widespread adoption of XDC's cutting-edge blockchain technology, ensuring its relevance and applicability across diverse regions.

Global GDP
Mission to Boost Global GDP

The primary mission of the XDC Network is to contribute to the growth of the global GDP. By facilitating smoother infrastructure development and financial transactions, it aims to foster economic progress and prosperity on a global scale.

The Team

The XDC Network team is made up of a diverse group of experienced professionals with a shared passion for blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize the trade finance industry.

Advisory Board

Core Team

Need More Help?

Seeking help with setting up an XDC masternode? Access XDC documents, ask in the XDC Forum, or join Telegram's Developers community for assistance.