We have built a number dApps for the XDC blockchain. All fueled by the XDC utility token. Come participate in the dApp best suited for your purpose or contact us for a white label solution.


TradeFinex is a decentralized peer to peer marketplace platform which brings together governments, institutions, buyers and suppliers. TradeFinex aims to minimize global infrastructure deficit by minimizing inefficiency in global trade and finance using Blockchain technology.

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Invoice Factoring

Come register your business on iFactor and start creating or buying invoices generated from real world transactions using our utility token.

Supply Chain

We’re building Supply Chain solutions on the XDC blockchain which will give unprecedented visibility to involved stakeholders. Even the onerous settlement process can be made efficient with direct and timely payouts to the parties involved.

Travel Industry

Integrating innovative smart contracts to facilitate instantaneous settlement between hotels, suppliers, aggregators, and clients/in the travel industry.

Private Blockchain Networks

Contact us to set up your private/permissioned blockchain or if you want to connect to a private network hosted by another masternode.


Coming Soon