Use the XDC token on the public state that is identical in functionality to public blockchains. Or set up private networks to run enterprise use cases.


Learn about the different blockchain based applications and usage in the real world scenarios. Obtain a greater understanding of the development side technical part; along with the business side application part of the blockchain based platforms.

These whitepapers are published with a view of educating the eager minds about the nitty-gritty of this wonderful multipurpose platform. The papers also narrate the cases of how this platform can benefit the businesses and financial organization alike, in the venture of improving the scenario of cross-border fund transfer.


XinFin Hybrid Blockchain and XDC Protocol for Global Trade and Finance
Financing of Solar Plant Using XinFin Hybrid Blockchain and IoT
Peer To Peer Trade And Financing Blockchain Platform


This section of the website will update you on the different announcements made by our top management. The section will publish all the Press Releases announcing the recent developments, done by the organization along with the plans for the future innovation.

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It will also inform you regarding any change in the overall structure of the organization and any change in the current management team.


  1. Global Expansion of
    XinFin & TradeFinex
  2. Release of Business &
    Technical White Paper (V1)
  3. Initiate setup of
    XDCO1 Protocol
  4. Wallet Deployment,
    Pre-ICO sales Start
  5. Pre-ICO Sales End

  6. Initiate Development
    of TradeFinex
  7. Release of Business & Technica
    White Paper Overview (V1)
  8. XDC Android
    Wallet Launched
  9. Lisiting of XD
  10. Demonstration of TradeFinex
    POCs & Hedge Pool
  11. TradeFinex Beta Launch
    & Setup of XDCE
  12. Listing of XDCE
    & XDC Token
  13. Global Expansion of
    XinFin & TradeFinex
  14. Cold Storage Wallet

  15. Deployment of clients
    private sub-networks
  16. AML & KYC Compliance
    of XDC Wallet
  17. Transaction Volume
  18. Tie-up with Global
    Institution & Enterprise
  19. Setup Multiple Master
    Nodes Globally