XinFin Resources and Information

Use the XDC token on the public state that is identical in functionality to public blockchains. Or set up private networks to run enterprise applications.

Learn about XinFin's Hybrid Blockchain Technology, Use Cases/dApps and Solutions all at one place. Read our Technical/Business White Papers, explore our Test and Live Networks, Engage on our Community Forum, Participate in our Community Bounty Program and discover how the XDC Blockchain is creating a standardised environment for business relationships.

Technical White Paper

The Technical Whitepaper describes XinFin's Hybrid Blockchain powered by the XDC protocol, which attempts to solve the problem of secluded ecosystems with highly secure and robust interoperability. The XDC blockchain aims to bring together all of the significant advantages of public blockchains and the necessary restrictions of permissioned blockchains to create an ecosystem that is enterprise ready.

Business White Paper

The Business White Paper gives readers a comprehensive business understanding of XinFin's Hybrid Blockchain solution that will help address the inefficiencies that exist in the global trade and finance markets today. The XDC Protocol facilitates Distributed Applications, such as TradeFinex, a specially conceptualised marketplace platform that connects global participants of the trade and finance industry and enables them for global contracting, financing, payments and settlements through authorized financial institutions.

XinFin Consensus

This section talks about XinFin's Public XDPoS Consensus that leverages the power of stakeholder approval to resolve consensus issues in a fair and democratic way. The Self KYC feature added in XinFin XDPoS allows for an enterprise and regulator friendly process.

Setup XinFin Node

This section acquaints developers with how to create and customize your Masternode within minutes by installing Docker Nodes.

XDC Subnet

Create your Subnet using XDC Network. An XDC mainnet-like network owned by you, further protected by the mainnet with total privacy.

Apothem Network Status (TestNet)

Apothem TestNet helps you understand how many nodes are hosted on TestNet Network and provides detailed information such as their up-time, number of active nodes, gas price, gas limit etc. in a visualised manner.

XinFin Network Status (Live)

XinFin LiveNet helps you understand how many nodes are hosted on XinFin Network, and provides detailed information such as their up-time, number of active nodes, gas price, gas limit etc. in a visualised manner.

XinFin Explorer

The XinFin Explorer is an explorer for XDC tokens and brings you a synopsis of recent XDC transactions.

XDC Chain Network Tools and Documents

Download tools and Documentation resource.

Developers Forum

Developers Forum for XinFin XDC Network is a community of amazing users.

Community Forum

Managed by our active community members, the XinFin Community Forum will bring you the latest updates, developments and answers to your questions in a proper documented form.

Community Bounty Program

The XinFin Community Bounty Program invites developers and all bug bounty hunters to test XDPoS Consensus.

Wallet Support

Wallet Support gives you a quick overview of which exchanges XDC is live-trading on and which wallet partners support XDC.

For Wallet Support needed, you can visit Developers Forum.

Media Room

This section is where you can find updates on the different announcements made by XinFin. The section will publish all Press Releases and recent developments along with plans for future innovation.

Apart from the Press Releases, you can also find out more about events XinFin has both participated and hosted. Any news (digital or otherwise) featuring XinFin will be published in this section.

It will also inform you regarding any change in the overall structure of the organization and any changes in the current management team.


The journey so far, milestones achieved and the roadmap for the year 2020.

Developer Portal

Get acclamated with of the fundamentals of XDC, API reference, install and run your own programs on XinFin's Hybrid Blockchain. You can also view FAQ's. The Developer Portal is a one stop shop for all developer related guides and references. We invite developers to join our dev community.

Exchange Listing Resource

This section provides you with details required to list the XDC token on exchanges.

Custody Services Integration

This section provides you with details required for Custody services integration.

Governance Member

This section provides you with details required to become a Governance Member for XinFin.Network

XinFin (XDC) Project Source Code

XinFin (XDC) Project Source Code on GitHub.