Remittance & Wallet

XinFin’s Blockchain platform offers integrated wallet solutions to enable real time payment and settlement across the globe. The Wallet Services can be utilized by individuals, corporates, and financial institutions to facilitate cross border real time payments for trade, financing and remittances. Built on the highly evolved XDC protocol, the wallet offers secure and high transaction throughput making it an ideal solution for real world transactions. Wallet services offered by Xinfin come at a nominal charge which is a small fraction of the fees charged by the financial institutions today. XinFin is currently working on building partner ecosystem which will start accepting XDC tokens for goods and services.

The integrated wallet will make sure that your payment is secured by using an advanced digital asset in the form of XDC token. In that way the financers can be assured of the fact that the receivers of the fund will only get access to the payment once the project is approved. This digitally generated highly advanced security measure will tempt more financers to participate, in the future.

The infrastructure developers also can relish the benefits of this token of trust as once the bidding is done, they are also ensured of the payment upon the delivery. This kind of digital assurance makes the transactions more transparent than ever.

Government agencies can also benefit from this token of trust as they will have the assurance that the finances they receive will be secured and only will be transferred to the developers, on completion of the entire project.