Hybrid Blockchain & Consensus

XinFin-XDC eco system co-exists with Public as well as Private blockchain network. Popular Public blockchain has limitation when it comes to enterprise-grade application. So, to overcome such limitation, XinFin has introduced Hybrid Blockchain network to build real-world enterprise solutions.

Firstly, the public network that all constituents are a part of and a private/permissioned network that restricts participation. And, secondly, the private network state is maintained in its respective network but a record (hash) of transactions and smart contracts is stored on the public state of the blockchain. XinFin-Hybrid Blockchain will provide more flexibility, faster transaction time, security, auditability and simplicity features as compared to any other popular blockchain network.

Hybrid Consensus

Lot has been discussed on proof of work and proof of stake but at XinFin, we have introduced Hybrid Consensus combined with proof of stake and proof of authority. ‘Proof of work’ means lots of power waste and ‘proof of stake’ means only few stake holders keep control over the entire network, but at XinFin Hybrid Consensus, authorities like Center bank, National Trade Association and National Regulators get importance under proof of authority. At the same time, XinFin restricts limited number of tokens to any individual or institution, so network will have more stake holders and de-centralized network.